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Payment Issues


2)Change other card and try again.

2.Do not honor

1)Please check if international payment function is enabled.

2)Please consult your bank to indicate that the payment was made by yourself and authorize payment.

3.Payment Failed

 Pls change other card or other payment ways

4.Restricted card

 Pls contact your bank to check or change other card or payment ways

5.Merchant credit card channel not found

 Pls change other card to pay

6.Fraud suspicion

 Pls change other card to pay

7.Not sufficient funds

Your card balance is insufficient,Due to different exchange rates, you can add an additional $10 to your account    and try again

8.Credit Card Number is invalid

Pls check your card info like card number

9.Payment Declined

This order was rejected by your issuing bank. We suggest that you authorize and place a new order for payment.

Please contact us for any questions

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