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The full name of DUNK SB is "DUNK SKATE BOARDING". Previously, "DUNK" was just a pair of ordinary basketball shoes. Through the improvement of AIR FORCE1, the Nike DUNK SB skateboard shoes series appeared. Now, "DUNK" has been injected with more fashion elements by Nike, and "DUNK SB" with air zoom air cushion technology and thick tongue has gradually become the backbone of Nike skateboard shoes. 

On Stockx shoes all DUNK SB are Best Rep Dunks, including nike dunk low reps,nike dunk high reps.There are more detailed classifications in terms of functions. As the lowest original design, DUNK SB is positioned as ordinary casual shoes. Its workmanship is very simple and the material is also the most common. Then the ordinary DUNK modified DUNK PRO is used as the replacement of the original DUNK. In terms of technology, there is no change. It is just that the design of the tongue is changed for the sake of beauty and a pair of shoes are added to add different matching.

What do you need to know about the difference between Nike Dunk and Dunk SB?

(Like the difference between Best Dunk Reps and Reps Dunk SB )

In fact, although the Nike Dunk and Dunk SB have similar contour and appearance, there are actually significant differences in the interior.

Before the birth of DUNK SB, it was absolutely necessary not to mention its ancestor, the Nike Dunk, which Nike introduced in 1985 as its first pair of Dunk shoes.

Originally, this style was developed for basketball, after all, the skateboarding trend in those days was not as popular as it is now.

Until the 1990s, due to the vigorous development of street culture, Nike, which had not yet had an SB branch, decided to use the Dunk, the predecessor of basketball shoes, as the prototype of skateboarding shoes.

This led to the development of the Nike Dunk Pro B based on the concept of skateboarding.

Until March 2002, Nike incorporated elements such as a comfortable Air Zoom unit into the Dunk Pro B and officially named it "Nike SB Dunk".

Which ushered in the Dunk golden age, which made Banzai and most old shoe fans crazy.

How to distinguish Dunk SB from Nike Dunk?(Like distinguish Best Dunk Reps from  Reps Dunk SB)

1、 Insole

The insole should be one of the easiest ways to distinguish SB Dunk from Nike Dunk, in order to increase cushioning and protection during skateboarding.

The SB Dunk adds Air Zoom units before and after the insole, which is one of the reasons why the SB is even more popular. After all, the air cushioned foot feels no longer rigid!

2、 Tongue of shoe

In addition to the above, another significant difference between the two pairs of shoes is the thickness of the tongue. The thick tongue of the SB Dunk is designed to protect the ankle during skateboarding.

And sticking the tongue of the shoe outside the leg of the pants has become the most characteristic fashion in the golden age!

3、Shoes wear is accelerated due to most movements on the skateboard, so SB Dunk has since switched to using circular laces to reduce consumption. The Nike Dunk still uses ordinary lace with noodles.

4、 Sole

In addition to the obvious SB lettering, the SB Dunk also features some Phylon foam for enhanced cushioning.

5、 Shoe box

Although the most admired by older shoe fans is the most OG orange shoe box, the Nike SB Dunk has so far introduced many different versions of special shoe boxes.

The Travis Scott, which is only released in, is designed with colorful stripes, so having SB shoe boxes in different colors is also fascinating.

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