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What Should You Do After Payment Successful

May 01, 2023 498 0

Dear customer, than you for your purchase on stockshoesVIP.

To ensure your order normal be shipped , please read the following steps.

Step 1: Confrim your order info for make sure your shoe ship out successfully.

1)Make Sure u have leave your Effective Contact info.

For example:your whatsapp,email or Instagrama etc

Note:We cant call u.

2)Our service account email>>> whatsapp>>>+86 136 4601 2644

will send u Confirm email after your order successful.

3)U should confirm your order info like address,shoe size,phonenumber and reply us "Yes".

Step 2:Wait your QC and Confirm make sure your order ship out ASAP.

1) Usually send u QC on next 2 working days after u order.

2)Pls check  and confrim your QC ASAP,,after u confirm the qc we will ship them.

Note:If u dont confirm your QC Within 5 days ,we will directly send it away.

If u dont want to check the QC and just want the shoe ship out  that u can contact us.

QC:Quality control pics, pics of shoes ordered by customer.

Step 3: Wait your tracking number and Wait  your package devived.

1)The tracking number Update no later than three days after the shoes ship.

2)Will update by Email/Whatsapp/web/QC Link.and u can check on 17Track

3)The package is sent from China, please be patient,

and wait for it to arrive at your shipping address in approximately 7-21 days,

4)If u dont get the tracking number just contact us.

At the end,if u have any question just contact us ,we will reply u ASAP when we go to work.

whatsapp:>>>+86 136 4601 2644




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