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Although the price of Jordan 4  Reps has been constantly changing, due to his popularity, the price has always been high.

In this album, the Jordan 4 Cheapest Price  is collected.

Getting the best pair of Fake Jordan 4 at the Cheap Price is a good choice.

However, learning to take care of sneakers can help you wear them for a few more years.

 How to cleaning  Cheap Jordan 4 ?

Preparation tools: suede shoe brush, suede eraser, foam cleaner, soft bristle brush

First, sweep the floating dust off the shoe surface, then scrub it in circles with foam cleaner+soft bristle brush, and then immediately dry it with a towel!

The texture of suede is soft, and when cleaning, it should be noted that suede is very water resistant, so it must absorb water and dry

After natural air drying, use a suede shoe brush to repeatedly brush in the same direction and smooth the fur!

If there are scratches on the upper, you can use a suede eraser to wipe it. If you still can't wipe it off with the inside, give up. Suede material is relatively difficult to clean!

How to maintain Cheapest Jordan 4s

1) If you want to leave your Cheap Jordan 4 unused for a long time, store them.

You can wet the surface of the shoes first and apply a layer of water to the surface with a suede shoe brush. The water will fade the suede, but it can also remove stains.

(For the convenience of storing suede sneakers, be careful not to use too much water!)

Use a sponge or dry towel to absorb excess moisture. Gently press the shoe upper with a sponge or towel until there are no more obvious water stains on it.

2) Tuck paper balls or shoe braces into your shoes.

Fixed shoe shape will not deform

Keep the interior dry and place in a cool and ventilated place.

3) For collectible storage, it is best to buy some plastic film and completely wrap a pair of shoes like in a shoe store.

But it must be completely dry, otherwise shoes with moisture will become moldy, and suede shoes are not recommended to be molded!

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